Investment Services: Money Management

Money Management Department

In order to meet the specific financial goals of high net worth investors, investment services companies offer their money management services. Investors could be individuals or institutions. This department undertakes asset selection, stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. It is increasingly becoming a large and important global industry.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth transferred from generation to generation is subject to estate taxes. To prevent this erosion the wealth needs to employed/invested in avenues that keep the capital working. So wealth preservation includes estate planning and financial planning. Security companies are offering this service.

Retirement Planning Department

Since individuals have limited working lives, they look for services to plan for their retirement. Thy look for financial instruments and advice to ensure an income post their working years. Financial advisers help achieve this goal.

Trust Fund Management

Companies and families form trust funds. To oversee and manage this fund is a task given to investment services companies. Evaluations of assets, buying and selling of assets and overseeing disbursements are few of the functions of this department.

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