Why latest economic indicators are so important?

When nobody was expecting it, financial markets re-emerged due to better signs in some economic indicators.

In US, personal expenditure has grown to its fattest rhythm in four months while private sector is creating jobs again. Manufacturing activity measured by ISM INDEX unexpectedly showed a great improvement in august suggesting the US economy is gaining momentum again.

Additionally China's manufacturing activity also showed a recovery in august and business confidence has been recovered in European Union.

Global economy is gaining momentum again, isn't it? Emerging countries are pushing growth and developed countries are trying to follow them. Investors felt more comfortable this week, allowing markets to have their best performance in the beginning of September in fifteen years.

Obviously there's a lot of work to do yet. Fiscal deficit is a deep worry around developed economies and debt problems are present in some countries. However, commodities are really well-priced demonstrating that global demand is strong.

Corporate M\&A are also a healthy sign that the global economy is looking for a sustainable growth. Many companies are betting for a better scenario in the future  so they are behaving aggressively in order to gain share in their business.

Personally I think we saw the worst. From now to future, economic indicators should show better behaviour. It will be difficult, but economic scenario will be really better.

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