Divorce Attorney Consultation: How it Should Benefit You

There are many situations when a person visits a divorce attorney and leave unsatisfied with the information that was given. With your marriage falling apart, it may seem as though the lawyer you are visiting does not even get it. However, when you call on the services of a network of divorce lawyers you can have your questions answered within 24 hours of contacting Woodgrange Solicitors.

What to Expect During Your Divorce Attorney Consultation

When you schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney you will not have to worry about the visit. This is not like a visit to the doctor’s office when you have to sign your name or risk running into tons of people that you know. In fact, it will be just the opposite. The initial divorce attorney consultation will include your attorney:

  • Explaining the actual divorce process;
  • Any matters that may arise if minor children are involved;
  • The division of your liabilities and assets;
  • Child and spousal support;
  • Costs and fees related to the attorney’s services.

It is important to understand that in order to address these important issues and offer a game plan for the divorce process, it is necessary for the attorney to make inquiries about a number of personal factors that will impact the divorce proceedings.

Some questions that will be asked during the divorce attorney consultation that you seek. include cut and dry questions with other ones addressing issues of minor children, financial matters and questions such as “who is to blame and what happened.”

Even during this initial consultation, these questions are protected under attorney-client privilege, which means that anything that is told to the attorney is not allowed to be repeated without your permission. With that understood, it is very important that you tell the attorney during the divorce attorney consultation the entire truth of the situation and all of the details that may make a difference. This is the only way that you will be able to get quality advice that will let you know about the possible outcome of the divorce you are facing.

The Game Plan Presentation

After providing the general information regarding your divorce your attorney will provide you with a potential game plan. This will only be presented once they have gathered enough of the pertinent information during the divorce attorney consultation. While the attorney is presenting you with a plan for the divorce process, you will need to listen closely to ensure that it is the outcome that you desire.

There is no question that the divorce process can be difficult and overwhelming, but when you schedule an initial divorce attorney consultation, you have the largest chance possible of receiving the outcome that you desire.

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