Fast and Efficient Crypto Trading With Superorder Automated Trading Terminal

The cryptocurrency market can be fickle and unpredictable, which makes crypto trading a risky yet profitable move. That, however, does not apply to professional traders. With the right strategy, experts can make thousands of dollars daily, if not more. The secret behind their success is the continuous upgrade of their knowledge on both trading techniques and the cryptocurrency market.

Nevertheless, even professional traders require help to step up their game and make a profit without wasting too much time following the market’s price fluctuations. With the numbers continually changing, it’s hard to stay on track, unless you use an automated platform for crypto trading. 

What Is the Idea of Automated Crypto Trading?

Automated trading is the act of programming specific rules for trades, which can be automatically executed by the machine when the time is right. Traders started using this alternative to manual trading when they realized the many benefits it carries. From minimizing the time spent tracking the market’s fluctuations to eliminating some of the risks that occur with manual trading, this approach can still bring substantial profits.

However, one of the things that scare professional traders is the issue with programming. It requires coding skills, you know. To aid traders who lack this knowledge, there are automated platforms that offer programming rules without the need for a programming language. Such a platform is Superorder, an automated crypto trading terminal that connects to multiple exchanges and delivers a codeless strategy editor.

Although relatively new, the Ukrainian startup is now based in California. It grants many advantages to professional traders that do not require coding. In other words, the platform is ideal for those who want to explore the options of automated trading and its benefits quickly and easily. It works through building blocks and utilizing trading bots to execute a specific trading strategy and help traders make profits by following the crypto market at all times. 

While automated trading is an excellent opportunity, let’s see what Superorder has to offer to professional cryptocurrency traders. 

What Is the Idea of Superorder? 

As previously said, Superorder is a crypto trading terminal that connects to crypto exchanges via API. It provides an easy-to-use customizable strategy editor, through which traders can create unique chains of orders to automate them later. 

They also allow traders to perform their strategies without the need for coding, something that is often a part of automated trading and a tad confusing for traders without coding experience. 

Despite being relatively new on the market, Superorder possesses some advanced features, and it keeps upgrading and growing over time. 

How Does It Work?

A more significant aspect of Superorder is its way of functioning and delivering its service to the customers. Not all automated platforms are the same, although they have many similarities in the way they work. Considering that Superorder allows programming without the need of using any programming languages, it’s safe to say that it operates relatively easy and traders won’t need much time to adjust to it.

The crypto trading terminal provides users with an automated system that receives buy and sell orders and then executes them when the market prices allow it. The rules are set up by the trader, based on personal needs and expectations from the market. The entered parameters are then remembered by the system and executed when the time is right. According to the traders’ needs, there is a vast number of trading combinations. 

After registering on Superorder, the first step is to connect to an exchange platform and set up a trading strategy. The terminal’s interface is easy to use and customizable so that experienced traders will find it easy to get around and start trading in no time. 

What Are the Key Features?

Superorder boasts with many features, some of which make the crypto trading terminal an attractive choice for expert crypto traders that want to minimize the time spent on manually trading, while also maximizing their profits. 

Here are some of the main features of this crypto trading terminal: 

Exchange Platform Support

Currently, Superorder supports four exchanges, Binance Bittrex, BitMEX, and CEX.IO. However, the developers behind this automated crypto trading terminal are striving to include more exchanges in the future. Soon, they plan to integrate Coinbase to add even more markets. The newly-launched American version of Binance is in the roadmap, too. 

Advanced Orders and Conditions

Although somewhat limited on exchange support, Superorder has a feature that allows traders to get the most out of their trading. The terminal delivers unique orders that aren’t directly available at exchanges.

For instance, a user can place a Stop Loss order to limit losses or even add a Trailing Stop – a dynamic version of Stop Loss/Take Profit orders. With logical operators, traders can split strategies or wait for rate. Finally, there are tech indicators available as conditions: MACD and RSI. 

In other words, traders can cross dozens of orders on multiple crypto exchanges. And Superorder will execute them automatically. 

Crypto Trading Bots

The best user-generated strategies have all chances to become available for others. Via the ecosystem called Bot Marketplace, Superorder distributes top strategies in the form of bots. They become unchangeable for other users who can only rent and run these bots. However, Superorder team promises to test and optimize the strategies. As for now, the marketplace offers three bots: for long-focused trading, for short deals, and for scalping strategy. 

Super Trade 

Super Trade was a recently added feature on Superorder that designs strategies on the traders’ behalf. It depicts a simplified version of their interface that takes care of the process of building trading strategies.

Traders can fill out the form where they choose between Market Buy or Limit Buy, input the specified value they want to work with, and then add other options such as Take Profit and/or Stop Loss. In a way, it simplifies the work of traders as it allows them to insert general information and save time on full strategy designing. 

Overall, Super Trade is excellent for creating chain orders in no time.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode is an excellent tool for pro traders who want to test their strategies by choosing between various trading orders offered on the platforms. These indicators, together with a specified amount, once chosen, will start designing a distinct trading strategy that can be tested without really executing the orders on the real markets. It’s an excellent opportunity for traders to learn the platform and protect themselves from a potential loss, without the expenses of doing so. 

Free Trial 

Finally, one of the most positive aspects of Superorder is their free 3-day trial, in which the traders can check out the platforms, its functionality, and whether the features fit their needs. An automated trading terminal needs to provide this option, as it gives trustworthiness and allows the users to make a calculated choice on whether they need the platform or not. 

Wrapping Up

The best thing about automated trading platforms is that they eliminate some of the negative aspects of manual trading, such as time consumption and the emotion factor. In other words, trading with the help of algorithms protects traders from undesired decisions driven by fear or greed and makes earnings through tested and optimized trading strategies.

Given the diversity of features it offers, it’s safe to say that Superorder is an attractive choice for those who do not have the experience with coding yet know the ways of crypto trading and how to make profits in no time. It saves time and effort while still showing positive results in terms of money-making.

You can follow the team on Medium, Facebook, Twitter pages, Telegram, and YouTube.

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