What to do if you have debt letters from Lowell Financial

Having debt is already a normal thing nowadays, even if we thought we don’t have one, we still have to check if we have credit cards as they are the most basic form of debts that get in the way of our financial budget.

Debts are inevitable and collectors will be the ones to notify us that we have to pay. But what if you get a letter from Lowell Financial? Do you know what to do or how to deal with it? Let’s take a look first at what Lowell Financial is.

What is Lowell Financial?

This is a company that specializes in collecting payments, mainly debts owed by a person who borrowed money or purchased something using a credit card. They do the collection of debts on behalf of the companies. 

Basically, Lowell is a debt purchase and debt collector agency. They purchase debts from companies by paying them in full then chase the debtor for the full payment plus interest. This is how they make money as a company.

What Can I Do if I Get Debt Letters from Them?

These are simple steps on what to do if you get a debt letter from Lowell Financial. First of all, it is understandable that you will get shocked once you get a letter from them as they will be unfamiliar to you. Upon reading the debt letter, you have to check and back track if you have any unsettled debts before and try to settle it once and for all. 

Once you get a debt letter from Lowell Financial and you checked that you have no other previous debts or if the debt that they are referring to has already been paid in full, you can just ignore the letter and wait for their next notification or you can contact them directly and inform them that the debt has already been settled.

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