CFA Study Plan in Excel (For Level 1)

One thing that I've noticed CFA candidates talk about is about how huge the CFA syllabus is and how difficult it can get to keep track of what you've studied, what's pending and how much time you should be devoting to your studies. I couldn't agree more. For the current CFA Level 1 syllabus, there are 67 readings each containing 8-10 learning objective statements. CFA Institute itself suggests that a candidate should develop 300 - 350 hours to prepare for the exam. We have earlier published a 3-month Study Plan for CFA Level 1 and a Study Plan for CFA Level 2 as well. Students who used these found them extremely useful. As an additional tool to help you in your exam preparation we have developed a CFA Study Plan in Excel (For Level 1) and we hope that you will find this equally useful.

Before I started preparing this study plan, I looked at some of the work published on other websites. While they were good, I found them to be too cumbersome asking too many details from the candidates and providing too much information. I think so much analysis for a study plan is not necessary and does nothing good other than overwhelming students. For anyone who wants to study in a more planned way needs a study plan but it should be just enough to help you keep track of your progress and provide you some key statistics to let you know where you stand and how much speed you need.

Our CFA Study Plan (in Excel) does just this. It helps you track your progress and provides you key statistics that you need to know all the time. You can keep track of which readings you've completed, which ones are in progress, and what you've not touched at all. You can also set target hours you want to spend on your exam preparation and as time passes track how much time you need to allocate to avoid being over-burdened as the exam approaches.

So, go ahead and download your copy now.

The CFA Study Plan in Excel is available only to our registered members.

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