Finance Degrees Employers Want in 2012

The job market has been changing rapidly, and finance has always been the favorite among students, given its demand in the corporate sector.

A new research from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) provides insights into the graduation degrees that are in most demand by employers in 2012.

Even though the research talks about all kinds of degrees in demand, in this article we highlight the degrees related to finance that actually top the list. The research is based on a survey of 244 major employers.

Top Bachelor’s Degrees

Among all the bachelor’s degrees, the top two degrees in demand are:

No. 1: Bachelor’s in Finance

62% of the employers surveyed said that they plan to hire bachelors in finance graduates this year.

This is a lucrative career option and can help you build a successful career as a financial analyst, financial advisor, planner, or even insurance underwriter.

No. 2: Bachelor’s in Accounting

59% of the employers surveyed said that they plan to hire bachelors in accounting graduates this year.

Accounting is an evergreen financial career. Key career options include becoming an accountant, auditor, or budgeting analyst.

It’s not surprising that the finance and accounting degrees are in top demand.

Top Business Degrees

Just like bachelor’s degrees, the finance and accounting business degrees also topped the list with 74% employers planning to higher finance post-graduates, and 71% employers planning to hire accounting post-graduates.

These two are followed by Masters in Business Administration, Information Systems, and then Economics at fifth position.

Which Industries?

The demand for finance degrees primarily comes from the following industries in the specified order:

  • Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
  • Chemical (Pharmaceutical) Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade

The demand for accounting degrees mainly comes from these industries in the specified order:

  • Accounting services
  • Chemical (Pharmaceutical) Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade

So, if you are thinking about what to study, finance and accounting could be a lucrative choice.