All About PRM Exam III

We have already talked about the PRM Exam I and PRM Exam II. In PRM Exam I, the focus was to build the foundation of finance theory, financial instruments, and financial markets. In PRM Exam II, the focus was on building the mathematical foundations of risk measurement.

PRM Exam III is at the heart of the PRM certification, and this is where your knowledge of risk management practices is tested. The exam curriculum revolves around the three major categories of risks, namely, credit risk, market risk, and operational risk.

Exam Format

The PRM Level III exam is a multiple-choice exam. There are total 36 questions to be answered in 1.5 hours time. The questions will be both concept and number based.

PRM Exam III Waiver

PRM Exam is an essential exam and there are no waivers for Exam III even if you have any other financial certification.

PRM Exam III Curriculum

The PRM Exam III curriculum focuses on the following topics:

TopicWeightNo. of Questions
Market Risk33%12
Credit Risk33%12
Operational Risk33%12

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