Visual Guide to Chart Patterns - Book Review

Thomas N. Bulkowski's book Visual Guide to Chart Patterns helps the reader understand and use chart patterns to predict price moves. Choc-a-bloc with visual examples and exercises this book will help you master chart patterns. The book explores  charts like head-and-shoulders, double tops and bottoms, triangles, gaps, flags, and pennants.Readers looking at understanding pattern behavior, trading signals, and setups can refer to this book.

The book deals with the basics of chart patterns, pattern identification, basic buy setups and basic sell signals.It discusses chart pattern identification guidelines, psychology, variations, failures, and buy and sell signals. Common chart patterns and  relatively lesser- known chart patterns  ones like throwbacks, pullbacks, and busted patterns are detailed in this book.

If you are looking at understanding and using chart patterns, the Visual Guide to Chart Patterns is the book to turn to.

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