Carl Icahn Video - 'Danger Ahead' About US Economy

Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor recently released a video titled, 'Danger Ahead', where he warns about the danger ahead for the US economy and a possible stock market crash.

In the video he expresses concerns about many things including the high yield market which he feels is in a major bubble.

Highlighted below are some of the issues he discusses in the video:

1. Carried Interest tax loophole - People on wall street do not pay full taxes on the money they are earning. He stresses that we need a strong president who could bring reforms and take away loopholes such as this.

2. Repatriation - The United States double-taxes foreign profits, which discourages US-based multinationals from repatriating about $2.2 trillion in profits they earn from foreign operations. This even drives some firms to leave the country altogether.

3. Interest rates are too low - Icahn fears that the interest rates are too low and are creating bubble assets including high-yield bonds.

4. M&A bubble - Icahn mentions that the companies are using cash they raise from junk bonds not to build businesses but to buy companies that they could not affort otherwise. This contributes to false growth by companies.

Carl Icahn discusses these and many other economic concerns in the video.