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CFA® Exam

The Chartered Financial Analyst designation is one of the most sought after and recognized titles in the financial services industry.

The CFA Program is a graduate-level self-study program. It combines a broad-based curriculum of investment principles with professional conduct requirements. The CFA program is designed to prepare you for a wide range of investment areas that are widely used in financial markets all over the world.

To earn a CFA charter, you study for three exams (Levels I, II, III) using an assigned curriculum. If you pass all three exams and meet the professional and ethical requirements, you can become a regular member of CFA Institute, or “charterholder.”

We at Finance Train, provide free training material for passing the CFA exam. You can use our study material to prepare for the exam.

You can take as long as you need to complete the program, and there is no limit to the number of times you can take each exam. The curriculum changes each year to reflect the dynamic nature and complexity of the global investment profession.

Preparing for the exam

CFA Institute provides you the curriculum books once you have registered for the CFA exam. Mastering the syllabus is important because each exam question is developed explicitly from the syllabus. You can prepare for the exam using the official study books from CFA Institute.

CFA Level I Free Study Notes

You can use the free learning resources provided by Finance Train to study for CFA Level I.

Access CFA Level I Study Material

CFA Level II Study Supplement

The study supplement consists of 21 weekly elearning modules that help you encapsulate the most critical elements of the exam that candidates cannot afford to miss. It can be studied in tandem with CFAI’s official curriculum, practice problems, and practice examinations, and will help candidates reinforce concepts and formulas to obtain a passing score.

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