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CFA Level 2: Free Study Notes

The CFA level II exam consists of 20 item sets. Item sets are sometimes called “mini-cases.” Each item set on the CFA exam consists of a vignette (or case statement) and six multiple-choice items (questions).

The curriculum for CFA Level 2 exam is divided into 18 study session with 10 broad topic areas.

For each topic, CFA institute provides study session documents, which contain the detailed outline, reading list, and the learning outcome statements. For example, the first topic “Ethical and Professional Standards”, there is one study session, which consists of 4 readings.

Free Study Notes

Our study material will be organized as per the 10 broad topic areas and covers the entire syllabus for the CFA Level 2 Exam. From January 2012 till May 2012, we will cover all the 18 study sessions. Do come back to this page (or bookmark it) regularly to view the newly added content.

1. Ethics and Professional Standards

2. Quantitative Methods

3. Economics

4. Financial Reporting and Analysis 1

5. Financial Reporting and Analysis 2

6. Corporate Finance Part 1

7. Corporate Finance Part 2

8. Corporate Finance Part 3 (M & A)

9. Equity Analysis Part 1

10. Equity Analysis Part 2

11. Equity Analysis Part 3

12. Alternative Investments

13. Fixed Income Part 1

14. Fixed Income Part 2

15. Derivatives Part 1

16. Derivatives Part 2

17. Portfolio Management

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