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Top reasons why you should join FinanceTrain

FinanceTrain is an exclusive learning network for finance professionals and students. If you haven’t joined yet, join now. Here is a list of top 10 reasons why this is a great move.

1. Access the Best Educational Resources

FinanceTrain brings you the best educational resources and lessons in finance. Update yourself on topics of your interest, or prepare for a finance certification (PRM, FRM, or CFA) using of tutorials and free resources.

2. Build your Profile

At FinanceTrain, you can build your detailed profile and show your expertise to everyone.

3. Get Connected

Connect with other professionals and experts in your areas of expertise.

4. Acquire and Share Expertise

FinanceTrain has Groups on almost every finance subject that you can think of that you can join. Each group has its own Discussions Forum. The subject matter in Groups cover a wide enough of topics that there is value for everyone to be participating.

5. Use and Build Wiki

FinanceTrain has a an extensive wiki which covers the basic to advanced topics on all the areas of finance. take advantage of this huge knowledge base as well as contribute and help it grow.

6. Blogs

Subscribe to the blogs from the experts or contribute to the blogs yourself.

7. Links

Find the hand-picked articles from around the web and share links/articles that you know of.

8. Jobs

Find the jobs of your interest in all areas around the world.

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