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Inventory Accounting Analysis and Inflation/Deflation

Inflation and Inventory Accounting Analysis LIFO income statement in a rising price environment – LIFO method will lower reported margins.  Most recent goods are the most expensive and LIFO will calculate higher COGS and thus a lower gross profit. LIFO balance sheet...

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Trading as a Career Option

In my long stint in the financial market and the academic world I have come across many greenhorns who want to take up trading as a career option. They have dreams in their eyes and are lured by the dazzling screens, armed with Bio and Autobiographies of pundits of...

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Why Stock Prices Move

In our everyday life we sometimes wonder about the most basic question of stock market – why does the price of a share go up or down? We are not talking about the daily or weekly gyrations but in the long run why the stocks moves. The two most basic reasons are:...

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How to Identify a Multibagger

In all our discussion about equity market we come across the question “tell me some Multibagger”. This disease of looking for a tip to identify a multibagger is not confined to your professional circle alone but any discussion regarding market veers to this even on a...

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How to Judge Short Covering

The stocks in the short term gyrates due to demand supply situation. Several factors contribute to vigorous movements of High Beta stocks or in other way it could be said that the volatility measure or Standard Deviation of these kinds of stocks would be high....

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