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  • Level I CFA® Exam – Study Notes

    The Study Notes cover the entire syllabus spanning the 67 readings suggested by CFA Institute. While developing these notes we have taken great care to ensure that each concept is explained in a simple manner using examples and illustrations.

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  • Level II CFA® Exam - Study Notes

    Our study material will be organized as per the 10 broad topic areas and covers the entire syllabus for the Level 2 CFA Exam.

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  • PRM Exam I Study Notes

    Exam I of the PRM certification tests a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the foundations of finance theory, the financial instruments that provide tools for the mitigation or transfer of risk, and the financial markets in which instruments are traded and capital is raised.

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  • Banking 101

    This short course on banking explains the basic concepts of banking and how the banking system functions.

  • Basics of Options

    This short course on options explains the basic concepts of options, option payoff diagram, and option premium.

  • Information Risk and Data Quality Management

    This course is a part of the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Part 1 syllabus under the section ‘Foundations of Risk Management’.

  • Quantitative Methods in Finance

    In this course we will learn about the quantitative techniques essential for financial analysis.

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Why Stock Prices Move

In our everyday life we sometimes wonder about the most basic question of stock market – why does the price of a share go up or down? We are not talking about the daily or weekly gyrations but in the long run why the stocks moves. The two most basic reasons are: Change in earnings […]

How to Identify a Multibagger

In all our discussion about equity market we come across the question “tell me some Multibagger”. This disease of looking for a tip to identify a multibagger is not confined to your professional circle alone but any discussion regarding market veers to this even on a social gathering. People still talk about how they missed […]

How to Judge Short Covering

The stocks in the short term gyrates due to demand supply situation. Several factors contribute to vigorous movements of High Beta stocks or in other way it could be said that the volatility measure or Standard Deviation of these kinds of stocks would be high. Technical Analysis indicators come handy for these kind of stocks. […]

Synthesis of Numbers – The DuPont Way

A good Fund Manager always goes behind the apparent numbers to bring out the essence out it. They are the educated sleuths, going through minute details and footnotes to find out any meaningful information. They often use a simple method of analysing the levers the management has to enhance the profitability of the company in […]

Biggest Trades of All Time

Its always good to draw some inspiration from the History. For traders it gives the hope to make it big one day, but these BIG trades were not fluke trades or devoid of any strategy. They were undertaken after copious amount of research and putting in place a risk management process. Though it is not […]