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VaultOS – A New Core Banking Software

Even though banks manage most of the world’s money, banks are not really at the cutting edge of technology. It is perhaps because of this money itself that banks are too afraid to upgrade themselves, think about the unimaginable amount of loss they can suffer if...

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How Blockchain Technology Works

The leading venture capitalist Marc Andreessen described blockchain as the most important invention since the internet itself. If internet changed the way we transfer information, blockchain is changing the way we transfer value. So, let’s learn about how it works....

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What does a public accountant do?

The term public accountant has always been very confusing. The primary reason for this will be the differences in terminology followed in different countries. If you analyze the world of business, the work related to accounting is done at two levels. First, the...

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How Money Moves – Infographic

The paths that currency takes throughout its lifecycle are fascinating. A dollar bill starts life at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, travels to the Federal Reserve, then is sent into circulation. The average dollar bill is in circulation for six years; during...

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Puerto Rico Debt: $70 Billion and Counting

Puerto Rico, that beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean, ceded by the Spanish to the Americans in 1898, is engulfed in debt. Living it’s life as a commonwealth of the United States but without voting rights to elect the President of USA, this beautiful island is...

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