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Basel III for Dummies

Basel III is the third Basel Accord from Bank of International Settlements. The objective of the Basel III accord is to strengthen the regulation, supervision and risk management of the banking sector. The new rules prescribe how to assess risks, and how much capital...

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FRM Pass Rate and Grading

What’s the FRM Exam Pass Rate and how are you graded? In May 2014, the FRM Exam pass rates were as follows: Part I – 42.5% Part II – 58.1% The following table provides the historical pass rates for FRM exam. Year FRM Part I Exam FRM Part II Exam 2009 55.2 May-10 52.5...

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ERP vs. FRM Exam

Question: I know ERP and FRM are two different certifications, but I would like to know which one is more beneficial from a career perspective? Should I do FRM or ERP if I want to be in the risk management field? Answer: Here are some details and comparison points...

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How to Become a Data Scientist – Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Become a Data Scientist, we learned about the role of a data scientist, the kinds of problems that data scientists solve, and the approach a data scientist takes to solve a business problem. In this article we will look at the essential tools that...

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How to Become a Data Scientist – Part 1

I cannot say that becoming a data scientist is the most glamorous job but I definitely agree that it is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs. While there is no standard definition of what a data scientist does, the role of a data scientist involves working...

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