Are you contemplating on becoming a Certified Financial Analyst charter holder? Or perhaps weighing the pros and cons of taking a CFA over an MBA. Would you like to know what it would mean financially, effort wise and time wise to achieve the CFA charter? Are you on the lookout for an insider perspective? A charter holder who has gone through the journey and can break it down for you?

The CFA Confidential: What It Really Takes to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst by Gregory M Campion CFA does exactly that.


This book will answer the above questions, in addition to helping you plan your study schedule, manage your time and not lose your nerve. This book is a good guide on how to get through the non-syllabus related material that is equally if not more important if you want to ace the CFA exam.

According to Bill Thompson, CFA (President and Portfolio Manager Round Table Investment Management Company)

“Greg’s wealth of experience – both good and not so good – within the CFA program has led to a highly entertaining handbook that every CFA candidate should read before taking a single step on their own journey.”

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