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Data Cleaning Using tidyr Package in R

Data analysis or Data preparation is the major task (or) plays an important role for decision making. It is said that about 70% of data analysis is spent on cleaning and structure/formatting the data. It can be repeated many times over the analysis until we get meaningful insights from the data. To get a handle

Robo Advisors: The Changing Face of Financial Advisors

Robo advisors are algorithms developed by financial firms to replace human advisors essentially for speed, reduction of cost and higher precision. Prior to robo advisors, human advisors in investor firms were charging high commissions for taking positions. Often, despite these charges the profits were made proportionate to the profits made. The other perspective for corporations

New Course – Data Science for Finance Professionals

Finance Train is pleased to launch its new online course on Data Science for Finance Professionals. As a data scientist, you are expected to ask the right questions to get the right insights from the data, manipulate data sets, work with a variety of tools, and create visualizations to communicate the results of your findings.

How to Become a Financial Data Scientist

The financial industry has been one of the early adopters of the field of data science and the need for financial data scientist role has been growing rapidly. Data science, as applied to finance, is the field where you build systems and processes to extract insights from financial data in various forms. The finance professionals

Potential Jobs for CFA Candidates

Passing the CFA exam is extremely difficult and time-consuming, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run. If one examines career trajectories within the financial industry, most of the top positions are reserved for people who have some type of initial designation following their name. Whether it’s an MBA, a CPA, or a CFA,

Programming Skills That Are Opening Many Doors In The Financial Industry

This is a job opening at Goldman Sachs. Associate Vice President, The Model Risk Management (MRM) group  Preferred Qualifications The MRM group looks for people with strong quantitative and technological background with a good understanding and interest in the financial markets. Successful candidates should have strong communication skills with the ability to explain quantitative models

What do Derivative Traders Do?

Earlier a derivative trader may have been found at the stock floor, making estimations and shouting them out. Today, a derivative trader is most likely to be found in front of a computer making his estimates and tinkering with code to make faster and better calls. A day at the office would most likely start

Career of a CFA

Hopefuls on the lookout for careers in Finance, particularly financial investment and research  would be advised to earn a CFA charter. The CFA exam is highly regarded as the exam to do if a candidate is serious about a career in Finance. The career of a CFA is lucrative internationally. Employers across the world consider

4 Jobs for the Mathmatically-Minded Individual with an Accounting Degree

If your love of math inspired you to get an accounting degree, then you should put your love of numbers to good use. There are dozens of high-paying, interesting, and challenging opportunities available for accounting majors, because your mathematical talents are special. Don’t box yourself in when you’re looking for a job, remember that fun