How to find lost super

Your super is yours. You earned it, so you should benefit from it when you retire. However, it’s all too easy to lose track of super. If you’ve had a number of jobs in the past, then you may have a number of super accounts in your name. If you’ve changed your name or address, […]

Changes to the PRM Exam

Effective January 1, 2014, PRMIA has made some significant changes to the way the PRM exams can be taken by students. These changes are summarized below: Exam Dates Earlier students could enrol and attempt the PRM exams at any time of the year. This on-demand option is not available anymore. The students considering undertaking the […]

Forex Webinars

Webinars have become very popular of late but not everyone understands what they are and how they are used. What is a webinar? Webinars, sometimes termed web conferencing or online workshops, refers to a service offered by a particular internet site which can be shared remotely and simultaneously across geographically dispersed locations. One way to […]

Stock Evaluation Spreadsheet

Our user Jim Grant has created a very useful stock evaluator spreadsheet and has shared it with the Finance Train Community. You can download the spreadsheet from the link below: Stock Evaluator Spreadsheet The spreadsheet is created using the Stock Quotes in Excel add-in to evaluate stocks based on simple, fundamental analysis variables. One tab […]

Trading Forex – Your Way

When investors are looking for the right place to put their money to work, there are many choices of varying degrees of risk and potential reward. You can invest in stocks, bonds, money instruments, commodities of many types, derivatives and then there is the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). When you trade in the Forex, you […]

Common Automobile Insurance Myths

Many insurance policies can be quite confusing sometimes. There are tons of options, terms and conditions and a policy holder can easily get lost in all of them. Moreover, every state has its own regulations as to every policy. For instance, car, business and private unemployment insurance in California have much more options than the […]