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CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 1 of 6

This study plan is based on notes taken from my 2009 journey through the CFA Level 2 exam.  There may be some curriculum differences in the next test (CFAI likes to make adjustments from year to year), so be sure to compare this material with the official CFAI books for your exam.  I used the

CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 2 of 6

Week 2 – Quant

I believe that many candidates let themselves get unnecessarily stressed about Quant. Keep in mind it is a minor part of test.

Topics include: correlation, significance testing, single and multiple variable regression, assumptions and violations in regression analysis, and time series modeling.

CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 3 of 6

Week 6 – Financial Statements, Part 3; Progress Test 1

Financial Statements – This is the “synthesis” of financial statement analysis. You will be tying together FSA material from L1 and L2 within the broader scope of evaluating companies. Be prepared to make adjustments to financial statements based on footnote data. Like the other FSA sections, this one is mission critical.

CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 4 of 6

Week 10 – Equity, Part 2

The fun continues this week with global industry analysis, country analysis, the business cycle, estimating growth, equity metrics and multiples, global risk premiums, and equity valuation models.

If you hit week 10 and are still on pace with your schedule, then that is a very good sign. Do not let up on the practice problems and start to take your game up a level.

CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 5 of 6

Introductory Remarks and General Guidelines – See Part 1 Week 15 – Derivatives, Part 1 The CFAI has been very generous to you and saved some of the most challenging material for the home stretch.  I would lump derivatives into the middle tier with Corporate Finance and Fixed Income.  Don’t worry, you can do it.

CFA Level 2 Exam – 21 Week Study Plan, Part 6 of 6

If you started in mid-January, then you should be about four weeks away from exam day. Now is the time to start studying 20 hours a week. Call in sick to work, cancel dates, whatever you need to do to make the time.
Week 18 – Review Week 1

Do at least one full blown practice exam this week.

Review Ethics, Econ, Quant, and Portfolio Management