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Earning Continuing Education (CE) Credits for the CFP Program

Credit for Completing Professional Licenses and Designation Examinations
Successfully completing the examinations for certain professional license or designation during the reporting period qualifies for CE hours. CE hours are granted for the licensing/designation exam, not for the preparatory or review courses. (http://www.cfp.net/downloads/RenewalCEBooklet_professional.pdf)

Credit for Teaching
Teaching Credits can be availed by the certificant as an instructor, discussion leader or speaker as long as topics are covered in the CFP Boards Principal List. This could cover:

  • Meetings or engagements that are directed to financial services professionals
  • The first presentation only per CE reporting period on the basis of two CE credits for each hour of class or presentation time. For example, an instructor may claim four hours for teaching a two-hour class.
  • Teaching in a CFP Board-Registered Program and for teaching other university courses

The credits earned in this manner may not exceed 50 percent of the total CE hours required during any reporting period. For example, if total hours required are 30, a maximum of 15 teaching hours may be claimed. The credits are not accepted for presentations designed primarily for persons not engaged in financial services (e.g., presentations to the general public, presentations for marketing purposes, television and radio talk shows, and participation in high school programs).

Credit may be allowed for authorship of published articles and books relating to CFP Board’s Principal Topics list provided they contribute to increasing the professional competency of the author. Credit for preparation of such publications may not exceed 50 percent of the total CE hours required during any reporting period. Short newspaper articles, Q&As and company newsletter articles for clients are not accepted for credit.

Published articles and books (both print and electronic) must be submitted to CFP Board for review prior to reporting them as CE credit on the CE reporting form.

Published articles and books submitted to CFP Board must:

  • Include the date, publication and number of CE hours requested.
  • Include copies of articles as published.
  • Show the CFP® certificant as the author of the publication.

CFP Board will confirm receipt of the publication(s) and the number of credits granted within 30 days of receipt. The publication will not be returned to the CFP® certificant unless specifically requested.

Reporting and Recordkeeping of CE hours

CE hours may be reported electronically to CFP Board at any time by CE sponsors or by CFP® certificants. CE hours must be submitted to CFP Board by the end of the CE reporting period, along with the other renewal requirements. The CE reporting period is the same as a CFP® certificant’s certification period. Each CFP® certificant is responsible for demonstrating full compliance with the CE requirement. CFP Board may at any time request documentation of any CE credits self-reported by the certificant.

Unsupported, misstated or fraudulent reporting of CE credits is a violation of CFP Board’s Rules of Conduct. This can result in disciplinary action up to revocation of the CFP® certification. Failure to fulfill and report the required CE hours by the end of the CE reporting period will result in non-renewal of the CFP® certification, precluding any use of the CFP® marks. If all CE hours, including the two-hour Standards of Professional Conduct program, are reported electronically by CE sponsors, no further action is required.


CFP Board conducts random audits of self-reported CE hours for the most recent reporting period. When audited:

  • The CFP® certificant is notified of the audit and asked to send documentation of hours that were reported manually to CFP Board.
  • The reported CE hours and any supporting documentation are reviewed by CFP Board, and a determination is made as to whether the hours are accepted or denied.
  • The certificant receives confirmation from CFP Board regarding the audit and any further action needed.

If any CE hours are denied during the audit and a deficiency results, the certificant will be given 90 days to report additional hours to cure the deficiency. Additional hours must be reported electronically by a CE sponsor or listed on a signed CE reporting form and submitted to CFP Board with supporting documentation. The certificant will remain authorized to use the CFP® marks during this 90-day period.

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