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CFA Level II Quizzes and Mock Exam

The CFA institute provides extensive study material for the exam and candidates are expected to study 250 – 300 hours in preparation for each exam. With an exam training period of several months, candidates can easily be set back by busy work schedules or personal events.

In response to this, Finance Train is offering a new product, the CFA Level 2 Exam Prep Supplement, in which we provide you practice questions for each of the study sessions and one full mock exam. The Level 2 exam sits at a critical point in the candidate’s roadmap and some consider this exam to be the hardest of the three; The 2011 pass rate for Level 2 was 43% (source: cfainstitute.org). This product strips the fat to get to the core of the exam and helps candidates learn in an engaging e-learning format.

Program Components

Quizzes: These are practice quizzes for all the study sessions in the CFA level II exam. The quizzes are designed to help you guage your understanding of the topics. There are total 150+ questions.

Mock Exam: This is a full mock exam with 20 item sets (120 questions). The mock exam is close to the actual exam in terms of the format, level of difficulty and the question styles. The answer sheet contains detailed explanations for each question. Take this mock exam to get prepared for the real exam.


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Module Quizzes
150+ questions

150+ questions
Mock Exam
120 questions (Full Exam)

120 questions (Full Exam)
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