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Programming Skills All Finance Professionals Need to Learn

I recently came across an article which talked about how the recent advancements in technology and automation are disrupting some of the traditional roles finance professionals have been playing in financial institutions. For example, stock picking which was a highly coveted skill is now being pushed to the corner as investors are giving up on

Mastering Python for Finance – Book Review

James Ma Weiming’s Mastering Python for Finance is written to help the reader understand, design and implement mathematical and statistical applications in Finance using Python. This book was published in April 2015. The book chapters are as follows: Python for financial applications The importance of linearity in finance Non-linearity in finance Numerical procedures Interest rates

How Blockchain Technology Works

The leading venture capitalist Marc Andreessen described blockchain as the most important invention since the internet itself. If internet changed the way we transfer information, blockchain is changing the way we transfer value. So, let’s learn about how it works. While talking about blockchain technology, people sometimes mean different things and it can be very

Tech Trends in The Financial Services Sector

The image that comes to mind when discussing banking and investment institutions is that of a behemoth. Large, enormous and in many cases a little slow on the uptake. Not always transparent and quick to process least of all  for the generation of  Millennials. The financial sector has long been overdue for innovation. More than

Best CRM For Banks

At its core, a client relationship management solution (CRM) for financial institutions, such as banks, which are similar to traditional ones, but these are multipurpose CRM systems for managing and building relationships with customers and employees through an organization’s tools, databases, and automated processes. At the same time, CRM’s for financial institutions differ in their

How to Become a Data Scientist – Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Become a Data Scientist, we learned about the role of a data scientist, the kinds of problems that data scientists solve, and the approach a data scientist takes to solve a business problem. In this article we will look at the essential tools that a data scientist must learn

How to Become a Data Scientist – Part 1

I cannot say that becoming a data scientist is the most glamorous job but I definitely agree that it is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs. While there is no standard definition of what a data scientist does, the role of a data scientist involves working with data to identify meaningful patterns and

Manage your risks in the cloud!

The following is a presentation delivered at a ACCA/GARP event meeting held on November 20, 2012. The presentation discusses the risks and challenges of cloud computing. It looks at the cloud computing challenges regarding information security and risk management, SAP’s cloud strategy and approach to risk, and issues with legal risk.

What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 is one of the most widely used electronic trading platforms used by retail foreign exchange traders for trading in forex, futures and options. MetaTrader 4 is made by a company called MetaQuotes Software and was first released on 2005. MetaTrader is a completely programmable trading platform and has its own programming language called

Technology in High Speed Trading: The Case of Knight Capital

A couple of days ago Knight Capital Inc. lost $400 million as a result of a bug in the infrastructure they put up to interface with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The May flash crash is still fresh in investors’ minds; it is not unusual to be concerned about Knight Capital’s technology issues. The