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Business Cut Tuition Reimbursement? No Problem. 5 Educational Online Options

A few years ago, before the economy turned south, companies liberally offered employees tuition reimbursement programs. The goal was simple: an educated workforce is a better workforce. But times have changed, and many employers cut such programs to compete in a tougher economy. However, this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dreams of becoming

Waiting for the Perfect Pitch (Taking out a Business Loan)

Taking out a business loan can be compared to a batter trying to hit a pitch. Often the strict regulations and guidelines that big banks subscribe to will throw complicated sliders and curves that your average business owner simply can’t hit. Other times the demand that the borrower has perfect credit results in an unhittable

Free eBook – Ten Steps to Financial Success

Our objective of this ebook is to help you become financially successful, to help you save, and grow your money. It is definitely not an easy task because the kind of society that we live in today calls for us to spend every penny that we earn immediately, or often, even before we have earned

The Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Loans

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone is faced with situations where they need immediate cash for an emergency or unexpected expenditure. Apart from friends and credit cards, personal loans are a good way to meet such money requirements. The best thing is that the market for these personal loans is growing and they come in many

What are your options for retiring early?

Are you looking forward to the day where you can stop working full-time? I know I am! Even if you really love your job (like I do, I hasten to add!), there is little that can beat the prospect of taking a step back from the world of full-time work. Retiring isn’t something that should

What is CIBIL, Credit Score and Why You Should Care?

Banking is a risky business and it is very important for the lenders to make a fact-based informed decision while extending credit to any borrower. In an effort to do so, CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Limited) was floated in India by a group of banks and financial institutions. CIBIL is a credit bureau,

Buying a Home: When to say NO?

For most people it’s a dream to own a house. Any house, most people would say that we call our own. No more bickering with the landlord, put nails where you want on the wall, your own private oasis of peace, and a place you can give your children. You start looking around. There are

Setting Financial Goals: Back to the Future

Everybody needs financial goals. Right?  Right. What are yours? It could be to have a nice nest egg by the time you retire, provide for your child’s education, care for your parents in their old age, travel the world. But wait, these seem more like goals. They are and they are indeed inexplicably tied with

Five Businesses You Can Start For Under 5K

Small businesses have always been the backbone of America. Even though there are many perks for working for self, many people are reluctant to start a business because of lack of funds. This of course is true if you are looking at starting a restaurant, or setting up a manufacturing unit where you may require

Budgeting Tips for Freelancers

Managing money can be difficult for anyone, particularly freelancers. There are a number of money mistakes that freelancers make and most of these can be avoided. If you work as a freelance designer, writer or any other type of contractor, there are things that you should avoid when it comes to managing your money: Common