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Should you add gold to your retirement investment strategy?

Planning for retirement in the midst of economic uncertainty is a problem that is now becoming a reality for many Americans. Lately, financial professionals have been stressing the fact that far too many workers are inadequately prepared for their retirement years. In fact, according to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, more than 50

Home Reversion – The Popular Equity Release Scheme

When it comes to releasing equity from property a home reversion scheme tends to be the popular choice for many home owners. How it works is that the owner of a property sells a share of the house to a lender but continues to have the right to remain living in the property for the

How Email Marketing Works For Finance Businesses

Email marketing is becoming an increasingly common strategy for those in the financial professions. Sourcing clients in finance isn’t like being a convenience store or a fast food restaurant – in fact, it takes a much softer marketing approach to get a foot in the door. You need to build up your perceived expertise, competence

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Behavioral Economics

If you are unfamiliar with the term, behavioral economics is the study of how emotions figure into buying decisions. It is unlike economics, which assumes humans only use rationality to decide what to spend money on. Instead, behavioral economics embraces the emotional side of buying decisions. Here’s what you really need to know about it.

Personal Finance Startups in India – All closing down?

I am from India and believe in India’s growth story. The startup community is thriving and many new companies are started everyday. Personal finance is one area where we have seen a handful of startups trying their luck. Unfortunately many of them have failed and closed shop. I remember going to a startup conference about

Explained: The difference between bankruptcy and an IVA

Bankruptcy and an IVA are both debt solution options for people who are in severe financial difficulty. On paper, the processes appear to have a number of similarities, but take a closer look, and they present two very different potential paths when dealing with debt. Most people are probably more familiar with bankruptcy, often viewed

5 Ways to Budget But Still Enjoy Some of the Finer Things

The finer things in life often come with the higher price tags, which is why people on a budget feel that they must deny themselves luxury. The truth is that being on a budget should not dictate what kind of lifestyle that you will live. When you know the secrets to enjoying luxury while on

Business Cut Tuition Reimbursement? No Problem. 5 Educational Online Options

A few years ago, before the economy turned south, companies liberally offered employees tuition reimbursement programs. The goal was simple: an educated workforce is a better workforce. But times have changed, and many employers cut such programs to compete in a tougher economy. However, this doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dreams of becoming

Waiting for the Perfect Pitch (Taking out a Business Loan)

Taking out a business loan can be compared to a batter trying to hit a pitch. Often the strict regulations and guidelines that big banks subscribe to will throw complicated sliders and curves that your average business owner simply can’t hit. Other times the demand that the borrower has perfect credit results in an unhittable