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Gold Bullion Money Making Success System – Global Income Advantages

It is no secret that real market growth is down, the rate of unemployment is up yet profitable opportunity to create a substantially extraordinary income as a Gold Bullion entrepreneur escapes the thought process of almost all professionals now underemployed/ unemployed or just about to become unemployed. As a matter of fact, the company in

What is CEF Expense Ratio and how is it calculated?

A CEF refers to a close-end fund, which is a registered investment company similar to a mutual fund, unit investment trust or an exchange-traded fund. Just like mutual funds, the closed-ended funds also have an expense ratio which is regularly reported to investors. The expense ratio refers to the total cost to an investor for

Overdraft Loan Facility by Muthoot Finance

Indians are resourceful people who can start with very little and make entire kingdoms of it. The stories of Dhirubhai Ambani and more recently Flipkart stand testimony to the fact that Indians can start small but the possibilities are endless. Most young people dream of being independent setting up their own business. There is no

Overview of Income Tax in India

In India, different entities including Individuals are required to pay income tax on their taxable income to the Government of India. The tax is levied on the taxable income of the following entities: Individuals Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) Companies and Firms Cooperative Societies Trusts Any other artificial persons The tax law is governed by the

How Chit Funds Work?

Chit Funds (also known as Chiti) are a very old and popular type of savings instrument used in many parts of India. It is most popular in Kerala with almost 10% of families investing in chit funds. However, it is also commonly used in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and North India. A lot of people

How to find lost super

Your super is yours. You earned it, so you should benefit from it when you retire. However, it’s all too easy to lose track of super. If you’ve had a number of jobs in the past, then you may have a number of super accounts in your name. If you’ve changed your name or address,

Why Switching Banks is Sometimes a Good Idea

It is surprising that a majority of bank account owners do not think to switch current account at any point in their lives. They are happy with their routine, and see no reason in switching things up by signing up for savings or checking accounts anywhere else. However, with so many banks offering different deals,

Emerging Markets: 5 Best Countries to Invest in Today

Turning to emerging markets is a good foreign investment strategy because these markets have the biggest potential for growth. Yes, there is always risk, but a fast growing economy is a good indicator of a strong investment option. If you’re looking for the best emerging markets around the world, take a look at these five

Common Automobile Insurance Myths

Many insurance policies can be quite confusing sometimes. There are tons of options, terms and conditions and a policy holder can easily get lost in all of them. Moreover, every state has its own regulations as to every policy. For instance, car, business and private unemployment insurance in California have much more options than the

What does gold mean in the 21st century economy?

Bringing back the economy’s gold standard According to Christian Post, gold is a pillar of “tangible and transportable wealth.” It’s been a staple of the global currency, as its price dictates the stability of the economy. Even though it’s no longer being used as a primary form of currency, there is still a strong connection