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Stocks – Contracts for Difference

In his book Accounting for Investments, Equities and Options R. Venkata Subramani states that “A contract for Difference (CFD) is a contract between two parties – buyer and seller – stipulating that the seller will pay to the buyer the difference between the current value of an underlying equity share and its value at expiry date

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable – Book Review

“Several years before the financial crisis descended on us, I put forward the concept of “black swans”: large events that are both unexpected and highly consequential. We never see black swans coming, but when they do arrive, they profoundly shape our world: Think of World War I, 9/11, the Internet, the rise of Google. In

The Art of Short Selling – Book Review

Kathyrn F. Stanley’s “The Art of Short Selling” is considered one of the most important finance books of all time. Short selling is a niche within niches. It is a high stake game with high rewards, but not everyone can play it well. One of the most famous examples of short selling was by George

Top 5 online courses for becoming an expert stock trader

It’s easy to be drawn to the hustle and bustle of the stock market. And it’s no wonder. Forbes ranks a career as a financial analyst as “one of the top-paying entry-level jobs on the market.” These days, you don’t need a degree in business or a ton of experience to start building effective strategies

How to Get Historical Bond Prices and Yields Data?

While we know that there are many sources to get the historical prices for stocks and mutual funds such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, getting the historical bond prices and yield data is more complicated. Here we will highlight some of the methods you can use to get such data. FINRA Site On the

Stock Market Functions (SMF) Add-in – Get Financial Data in Excel

Over the past couple of days I’ve been looking for various tools that could help us extract stock markets data in excel. I’ve earlier talked about the MarketXLS excel add-in which is also a very powerful add-in. Today I wanted to highlight the SMF Add-in which I came across just a few days back. I

How to Judge Short Covering

The stocks in the short term gyrates due to demand supply situation. Several factors contribute to vigorous movements of High Beta stocks or in other way it could be said that the volatility measure or Standard Deviation of these kinds of stocks would be high. Technical Analysis indicators come handy for these kind of stocks.

Biggest Trades of All Time

Its always good to draw some inspiration from the History. For traders it gives the hope to make it big one day, but these BIG trades were not fluke trades or devoid of any strategy. They were undertaken after copious amount of research and putting in place a risk management process. Though it is not

Understanding Liquidity

Liquid is something which is neither solid nor gas. It is that which conforms to the shape of the vessel containing it. Water is the best example of a liquid. However in finance liquidity has a very different meaning. Liquidity in simple words means the amount of money circulating and available to all participants in

How to Day Trade for a Living

Many people have taken to day trading as a full time job. They love stock markets and live and die along with it. Many international research reports suggest that day trading is a loss making proposition and most day traders end up eroding their wealth. This however does not really apply to Indian stock markets.