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LIFA: An Alternative Financial Analyst Certification

LIFA, Licensed International Financial Analyst is a relatively new certification awarded by the International Research Association Massachusetts, USA. IRA hopes LIFA to be the one global professional certification for investment professionals. The Licensed International Financial Analyst designation is designed for securities analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisors, educators and other investment professionals. This certification helps measure

What do Junior Investment Bankers do?

When you join an investment bank, you will probably start your career as a junior, assisting senior bankers and doing a whole lot of other activities. You will either be a part of the product bankers (leveraged finance, Mergers and acquisitions, capital markets) or industry bankers (healthcare, energy, telecom, etc.). When you go through the

Career as an Investment Analyst

Fundamental research forms the basis of most financial decisions taking place in the financial markets. Even though it’s the fund managers and traders who are actually buying and selling securities, their choices are guided by the investment analysts providing fundamental research. Investment analysts prepare research reports that contain all the basic and analytical information required

The World of Investment Banking

An investment bank is a special type of financial institution that works primarily in higher finance by helping company access the capital markets, such as stock market and bond market, to raise money for expansion or other needs.

Investment Services: Money Management

Money Management Department In order to meet the specific financial goals of high net worth investors, investment services companies offer their money management services. Investors could be individuals or institutions. This department undertakes asset selection, stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. It is increasingly becoming a large and important global industry. Wealth

Investment Services: Institutional Clients, Trading and Research Departments

Institutional Client Division Corporates, Insurance companies, large banks and pension funds also seek the services of investment banks. Usually a salesman handles one/few accounts. These client service professionals are the best in the team, as they are handling large high value clients. Excellent analytical, networking and communication skills are required for this profile. Smaller but

Careers in Sales, Trading and Research

Typically, the sales people advise their clients on the investment options. This advice is based on the research produced by the research wing or sourced outside. The traders carry out the trades on behalf of the clients.

Career in Capital Markets

This is the first article in our financial markets career series, where we will cover the careers in Capital Markets. Capital market refers to the market where the financial products are created before they are available for trading. Every investment bank has a capital markets division. Within this, there are bankers who deal with Equity

Series: Careers in Financial Markets

We are starting a new series on “Careers in Financial Markets”. In the blog posts to come, we will take up one career option at a time, and provide you a complete overview of that option. We will provide an overview of the sector, the key global players, roles and career paths, how much you