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From PhD in Mathematics to Stock Trading Floors

The world of financial markets has opened many opportunities for a variety of professionals and people with different qualifications. One such qualification that has found tremendous scope is a PhD in Mathematics. Even though math has always fascinated people, a few years back it was difficult for people to put their knowledge of statistics and

Interview for Head Derivatives Trader

The video provides an insight into the kind of greed and money that goes around in investment banking circles. The applicant for the job of head derivatives trader at Lemming Bank makes a lot of money for his current employer using his special software but he will not reveal the name of the special software

Finance Degrees Employers Want in 2012

The job market has been changing rapidly, and finance has always been the favorite among students, given its demand in the corporate sector. A new research from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) provides insights into the graduation degrees that are in most demand by employers in 2012. Even though the research talks

How to Become a Derivatives Trader?

I received a question from one of the users asking me about how he can build a career as a derivatives trader on Wall Street. In this post I will explain the role of a derivatives trader and what you can do to become one. So, what does a derivatives trade do? As the name

Financial Analyst: A Rapidly Growing Career Option in Finance

During the recent financial crisis of 2008, this was one career that was badly affected. We saw many financial analysts working in large investment banks losing their jobs and the future looked bleak. However, with the recovering economy, the prospects for this career option are again looking good. As per the recent projections by the

10 Best Finance Careers

Finance careers are among the hot favorites in most MBA campuses. Even after the financial crisis we’ve seen in the past few years, the career prospects in the finance sector continue to shine. On an average, about 40% students from an MBA school join the finance sector in different roles. The most common reason sited

What do Quantitative Analysts (Quants) Do?

Quantitative Analysts, popularly called “quants” are a small group of professionals in the financial industry who are experts in Quantitative Finance. Quants combine the knowledge of finance, maths and computer programming, and use this knowledge to develop complex financial models that are used by their employers to price and trade in financial instruments such as

Required Work Experience for CFP Certification

CFP Board’s work experience requirement is defined as “the supervision, direct support, teaching or personal delivery of all or part of the personal financial planning process to a client.” Qualifying experience must fit within one or more of the six primary elements of the personal financial planning process described as follows: Establishing and Defining the Relationship

The Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Certification

The Market Technicians Association is a non-profit organization, based in New York which awards the Certified Market Technicians. This global professional organization’s certification exam is considered the gold standard for technical analysis. Its in-depth focus on technical analysis methods and strong emphasis on ethics makes it the exam for analysts and those interested in technical

How to Become a Trader?

There are many flavors of “traders” out there, even if you narrow it down to the institutional world. I’ll split it up into two main categories – the “buy side” and “sell side.” The Sell Side Sell side traders are employed by institutional brokerage firms and investment banks to execute customer orders. That sounds easy