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Career Prospects for Energy Risk Professionals (ERP)

When you complete your ERP risk certification fro GARP, you not only become an expert in the subject, but also greatly improve your career prospects. With the increasing global energy requirements, the demand for trained energy risk professionals is increasing. This article briefly looks at the career options for ERP professionals. Industries The energy risk […]

Storage, Convenience Yield, and Commodity Prices

In this article, we will understand the concepts of “storage” and “convenience” yield with reference to commodities and energy markets. We will also look at how storage and convenience yields impact the commodity prices. Storage refers to physical holding of a commodity. By keeping an inventory of the commodity the holder of the commodity can […]

The Energy Risk Professional Exam from GARP

Recently, the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) started a new certification program for energy risk professionals. This article provides an overview of the ERP certification, its benefits and the uniqueness of the program.

An energy risk professional is someone who deals with the diverse range of energy commodities and is responsible (directly or indirectly) for managing the risks inherent in dealing with these commodities.