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Lecture 20: Economic Growth

This lecture by Prof. Krassimir Petrov talks about economic growth. It starts the discussion about how credit can be increased and then moves on to the topic of growth that happens when consumers and businesses lower their time preferences.

Lecture 15: Tools of Monetary Policy

This lecture continues to discuss central banking and focuses on the determination of total reserves and tools of monetary policy. The lecture draws from the book Mystery of Banking.

Lecture 14: Introduction to Central Banking

This lecture provides an introduction to the central banking. It discusses topics such as legal tender laws, lender of last resort, deposit insurance, money multiplier, and bank reserves. The lecture draws from the book Mystery of Banking.

Lecture 12: Deposit Banking

This lecture discusses deposit banking, fractional reserve banking, deposit multiplier, creating money out of “thin air”, and the credit crunch.

Lecture 11: Introduction to Commercial Banking

In the previous lectures we discussed various aspects of money. This lecture shifts focus towards banking and provides an introduction to the topic of commercial banking. It briefly covers loan banking and begins deposit banking.