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Inventory Analysis

In this lesson, we will discuss the various methods for valuing inventory, namely, LIFO, FIFO and weighted average cost method. The measurement of inventory cost is important because it is one of the largest current assets in most firms and is also a crucial factor for determining the gross profits of the firm. We will

Sampling and Estimation

In the real world, it is often not possible to collect data about an entire population to conduct a statistical analysis. For example, to make conclusions about the saving habits of families in a city, it would be impractical to collect and analyse savings data about each and every family in the city. Instead, a

Common Probability Distributions

Introduces some of the discrete and continuous probability distributions most commonly used to describe the behavior of random variables.

Time Value of Money

This reading provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques of time value of money. These techniques are a fundamental tool for financial analysis, corporate finance, valuation, and other investment decisions.