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Lecture 13 – Overview of Banks

Banks are among our enduring of financial institutions. Their survival in so many different historical periods is testimony to their importance. Professor Shiller traces the origins of interest rates from Sumeria in 2000 BC, to ancient Greece and Rome, up to the Song Dynasty in China between the 10th and the 12th century. Subsequently, he

Visual Guide To The Federal Reserve

Here is a cool graphic providing a guide to Federal Reserve from Jess Bachman of Wall Stats & Mint. The Federal Reserve is a public private decentralized central banking system that is regulated and independent within the US government. Federal Reserve is quite complex and this infographic simplifies it for you.

Regulatory Reforms – Can we make bankers more like pilots?

The banking industry today faces many challenges, and the need for strong internal governance and control has never been more important. Controls, rules and limits within a bank – and in particular, the interactions of those controls, rules and limits – do more than just limit risk; they also create incentives. The following speech by

That pre-paid feeling

As a parent you will always worry about your child – it’s not something that stops when they have their first day of school, or when they become a teen, and probably gets worse again when they move out. You can be torn between wanting to make sure they will always be provided for, and

Are Private Banks a Realistic Alternative to High Street Banks?

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by London based private bankers, Duncan Lawrie, has confirmed the relentless deterioration in the public’s perception of the main high street banks in the wake of events such as the Libor fixing scandal, the computer problems at Natwest and the exposure of the bonus culture which appears to dominate the

How to Select the Right Bank for your Business?

When you start a business, one of the first things that you will need to conduct your business operations is a bank account. A bank is not just something that enables you to move your cash and acts as a cash repository. It’s much more than that. It’s like a business partner that makes your

Government Launches Small Business Investment Bank

Some of the more famous British high street banks are changing their ways in an effort to become more SME friendly. Some examples of the banks looking to reform are RBS, which also includes NatWest and Lloyds Bank. RBS has always had a fund specifically for manufacturing companies but was generally unable to offer a

Does the Size of Central Bank Balance Sheet Matter?

This document contains the key note by Jaime Caruana on conference on “Central bank balance sheets in Asia and the Pacific: the policy challenges ahead”. It discusses the important subject of the central bank balance sheets. The balance sheet stocks are just as important as income flows. Indeed, one of the lessons of the recent

Times really have changed for Egypt’s banks!

Egypt’s banking sector has transformed itself beyond all recognition in a mere handful of decades to become a model of modernity, transparency and openness. Understandably, it is probably difficult today for anyone from abroad living and working in Egypt to fully appreciate the changes that have taken place. But the changes have been dramatic, not

Monetary policy in a downturn: Are financial crises special?

Accommodative monetary policy during the financial crisis was instrumental in preventing a deeper recession. Views differ, however, on how long such measures should be kept in place. At the heart of this debate is the notion that a protracted period of policy accommodation could create distortions. Some would argue that any distortions will be limited