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Financial Accounting in an Economic Context

Financial Accounting in an Economic Context. 5th ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is written by Jamie Pratt, professor of Accounting at the Indiana University. It is the recommended text for the MIT open courseware on financial accounting. The book delves into understanding financial accounting through the lens of the economy. The areas covered in

Intermediate Accounting – Book Review

Intermediate Accounting 14th edition by Kieso, D., and J. Weygandt. is the most comprehensive text available on the subject. It extensively covers the large ground financial accounting.Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards , the Conceptual Framework for Financial Accounting ,the Accounting Information System, Income Statement and Related Information, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows, Accounting

Financial Reporting and Analysis (eBook)

Welcome to Finance Train’s ebook on ‘Financial Report and Analysis’. This ebook will teach you the general principles of financial reporting and the techniques used for analyzing financial reports. We will begin by understanding the role of financial reporting and the various financial information analysts use to analyze the financial performance of a company. We

Accounting Skills for Managers (Kindle eBook)

In this book on Accounting Skills for Managers, you are about to learn one of the most important skills that you need to help you manage your business successfully. It teaches the essential accounting concepts that every business owner or manager needs to know. As a business owner or manager, you need to understand the

Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner’s Guide

Martin Fridson and Fernando Alvarez’s Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition revisits understanding financial statements with updates. Financial statements are a mirror to the soul of a business. Therefore analysing and understanding financial statements are very important when we want to make business decisions about them. If that decision is about an impending merger and acquisition

What does a public accountant do?

The term public accountant has always been very confusing. The primary reason for this will be the differences in terminology followed in different countries. If you analyze the world of business, the work related to accounting is done at two levels. First, the company doing any business has their own in house accounting practice where

Top 5 online courses for becoming an expert stock trader

It’s easy to be drawn to the hustle and bustle of the stock market. And it’s no wonder. Forbes ranks a career as a financial analyst as “one of the top-paying entry-level jobs on the market.” These days, you don’t need a degree in business or a ton of experience to start building effective strategies

3 Signs That You Need a Calgary Accountant

For the most part, new small business owners are unprepared for the amount of work and stress that goes in to being your own boss. In some cases, this lack of preparation can lead to disastrous consequences. One of the most difficult things that a new small business owner will encounter is the managing of

The Accounting Equation

Businesses exchange items of equal value, real or perceived. Imagine that an exchange is like balancing a scale: the left side goes down (a service is given) and the right side reacts (cash is received) to maintain the balance of the scale. Accounting uses a technique to show how a transaction changes the business’s resources

Career Path for Forensic Accountants

Hi I am Ted and I blog at Forensic Accounting ( I am glad to be guest posting for Finance Train. It has been a blog I have been following quiet religiously while taking on the path of making my own blog. The world of finance and accounting always fascinated me but I was on